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There is no ordinary day in our public schools. Great things are happening but often go unnoticed. The Stand Up campaign provides the public with a more accurate and thorough perspective of public education by capturing the ordinary, yet extraordinary activities and the dauntless and bold actions of educators, teachers, administrators, superintendents, and school board members that help prepare students for the future.

Submit Your Local Stories

Submit the good things going on in your public schools. Share with us the successes, the innovations and academic gains! TSBA looks forward to sharing your local stories on our campaign website, in our statewide publications and social media sites.

Local public education achievement stories are being overshadowed by the isolated problems that exist. Now is the time to spread good news about what is happening in your local public schools!

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Social Sharing

No achievement is too small. Share your stories on social media utilizing the campaign hashtag: #standupfortnpublicschools and including the TSBA Twitter handle @TSBA_News..  

You can include a link to a story or photo, an encouraging quote, advertise a new program or other outstanding things your system has achieved.

Local Story Examples: