Take Action


What Can You Do?

The Stand Up for TN Public Schools campaign provides the public with the tools and resources needed to begin a dialogue about keeping the control of public education within the local community. It is time to engage and involve the communities we serve. We are encouraging every Tennessee public school leader to help create public support of local public schools through public awareness.

1. Contact Your Legislators:

To protect your right to control your local schools, contact your legislators regularly to stress the importance of education decisions being made at the local level.

2. Pledge Your Support:

There is no better time to demonstrate your support for Tennessee’s public schools. For far too long, detractors have defined the state of public schools and much of their opinion is based on a narrow understanding. Pledge your support today!

3. Take Advantage of the Stand Up for Public Schools Advocate Toolkit:

Take advantage of the local public school toolkit as you prepare for presentations and communications with your local constituents.

4. Share Your Local Stories:

Submit your local stories to TSBA. Let us know of the good things going on in your public schools – the successes, the triumphs and the academic gains. Submit your local stories by clicking hereYou can include a link to a story, an encouraging quote, a new program or other outstanding things your system has achieved. Stories will be shared in TSBA publications, and/or placed on the TSBA Facebook Page and Twitter Feed.

5. Spread the Word:

    • Share the campaign video, “Stand Up for Me” on social media and post to your system’s website.
    • Update your email signature by including the tagline: Stand Up for TN Public Schools and the campaign logo. 
    • Email your network and organizational members with the following message:
      • Tennessee public schools help students discover their full potential. Join the Stand Up for TN Public Schools campaign and share the story of public education. Go to http://standupfortnpublicschools.org for more information and to show your support for TN public schools. 
    • Link the Campaign Logo on your website. Download the logo here.
    • Show your support on social media:
      • Twitter: I Support TN Public Schools! (System/County/Company Name)  Show your support by visiting standupfortnpublicschools.org #standupfortnpublicschools @TSBA_News
      • Facebook: I (or System/County/Company Name) Support Tennessee Public Schools! Join the Stand Up for TN Public Schools campaign and share the story of public education. Visit standupfortnpublicschools.org.